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Apollo 13 a story of Change & Problem Management

07 July 2010

Apollo 13 a story of Change & Problem Management

The Change and Problem cycle is a phenomenon familiar to most IT professionals - changes result in incidents; incidents develop into problems; all of which lead to even more changes and service outages - a destructive cycle that consumes resource and destroys service levels.
How would your team handle the levels of problems, change and incidents encountered by the Astronauts on Apollo 13? Would they work effectively as a team, following well-practiced processes that really work?

This FREE short day seminar examines the processes and culture deployed at NASA and, in particular, how these contributed to the successful recovery of the Apollo 13 mission - preventing what would otherwise have been a terrible tragedy instead creating a legend with powerful lessons in process management.

Dates for this seminar are 1st Sept 2010, 2nd September 2010 and 21st September 2010. To book your place click here.