Service Improvement Plans

Action not Training

No matter how good the ITIL training experience, making ITIL happen in the workplace is a daunting challenge.

Where to start? How to make visible progress quickly? How to free up valuable resource to do justice to the task?

All too often vital momentum is lost when customer staff return to their workplace to a back-log of tasks built up while they were away. All too quickly the momentum and motivation of the training experience is supplanted by the demands of day-to-day priorities.

IT Professionals return to their workplace
Service Improvement Planning

Service Improvement Plans

Whilst every customer is different there is considerable common ground provided by the ITIL framework. Using their experience, gained over 30 years, SYSOP consultants have developed a series of Service Improvement Plans that can swiftly be adapted to provide the starting point and activity programme to raise customer processes to “best practice” standards.

Using these pre-prepared plans as a base, we can substantially reduce the ITIL training burden. Using Overviews and workshops for the majority of staff and formal ITIL training only for key process owners, you can make remarkably rapid progress towards best practice without the loss of valuable man-days of resource in the classroom.

Facilitated Workshops

Our experience is that, by far the best way of encouraging ownership of the service improvement processes is to involve the team(s) in structured workshops where their own ideas, for process improvement, are developed within an ITIL ® best practice framework. Senior SYSOP consultants lead the discussion, identifying current pain-points and drawing out the ideas that dwell within your team - building a coherent and workable plan that everyone can subscribe to.

Measuring Progress

SYSOP consultants have developed a sophisticated ITIL baselining and benchmarking tool that can be simply and easily deployed to measure your progress towards service improvement. As well as helping you refine KPIs to monitor service performance, your SYSOP consultant will be able to demonstrate your progress in the less tangible areas of culture change, process improvement and the acceptance of best practice principles.

Structured Workshops and ITIL benchmarking

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