Customer Comments

Success stories from our training delegates...

  • “I always have a good experience with Sysop. Very professional approach.”

    David Ormrod - Shell Research Ltd

    Course: Business Relationship Management Professional - 02/07/2018

  • “Sysop have developed a fun, friendly, productive delivery approach for learning.”

    Helen Mullinder - Sellafield

    Course: Planning, Protection & Optimisation - 12/03/2018

  • “Ian was a really good tutor, engaging and helpful. Very good experience & helped apply real life situations to examples to help better understanding of ITIL.”

    James Lee - North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    Course: ITIL Foundation - 27/11/2017

  • “Appreciated the friendly, professional approach. Lunches and facilities excellent – thank you.”

    Glenn Carter - Daytona365

    Course: ITIL Service Offerings & Agreements

  • “Very informative with lots of ideas to put into practice. Ian knew his subject matter well and demonstrated it perfectly.”

    Patrick Shaw - AO Retail

    Course: CSI Workshop - 08/11/2017

  • “Ian is great, very informative and kept me interested all day. The best comfy seat sat on a course plus the hot chocolates were lovely – it’s the little things that make a big difference.”

    Emma Jones - Merseyside Police

    Course: CSI Workshop - 08/11/2017

  • “Course was very informative and well delivered, was really useful for me and my team and will definitely look at implementing some of the CSI process.”

    James Mara - AO Retail

    Course: CSI Workshop - 08/11/2017

  • “Andy has been fantastic! Answered all our questions and made the material relatable & easy to understand.”

    Kelly Phillips-Humphreys - BAE Systems

    Course: ITIL Service Design - 02/10/2017

  • “Just to say a massive thank you for taking me on the ITIL journey successfully. I know I did it the hard way by spreading all the courses out (trust me !!!!). I know I wouldn’t have succeeded without the help, guidance and support from yourselves as not only have I been successful but all the courses have been immensely useful and interesting (apart from the exams !!!!) which is a testament to your professionalism and approach. Thank you so much again and hopefully I might manage something else with yourselves and can thank you in person. Immense thanks once again. ”

    Charles Adams - Rochdale MBC

    Course: Managing Across the Lifecycle - 30/10/2017

  • “Thanks a lot to Mr Ian McDonald for his valuable session its more informative and he is a knowledgable and good wisdom. Thanks again for Sysop for having Ian.”

    Devarajan Ramamorrthy - Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

    Course: ITIL Foundation - 02/03/2017

  • “Enjoyed the course very much. Trainer was very knowledgable and used plenty of real-life scenarios / examples to explain the concepts which helped my understanding.”

    Waheeda Rehman - University of Huddersfield

    Course: ITIL Foundation - 19/04/2017

  • “Course trainer was very good and clear and explained things clearly with lots of experience stories to back up what [he was] saying. Although the content was a lot to learn in 2 1/2 days most of it was relevant.”

    Gillian Webster - University of Huddersfield

    Course: ITIL Foundation - 19/04/2017

  • “I found the course ulimately quite useful. It has highlighted some inadequacies in my own activities, which I will now endeavour to address, those of my dept (on which I can now advise) and also indicated the absence of a certain discipline that I shall investigate and maybe encourage.”

    Steve Bekus - University of Huddersfield

    Course: ITIL Foundation - 19/04/2017

  • “As I was the only one [on this course] I was concerned about the lack of group discussion and exercises. Tutor [Andy Wright] was great though! Thanks.”

    Anwar Hussain - University of Huddersfield

    Course: ITIL Service Operation - 15/02/2017

  • “Great course today - really useful, delivered really well!”

    Mick Southern - GB Group plc

    Course: ITIL Overview - 17/02/2017

  • “[The ITIL Overview] was a very good introduction. I'm encouraged to proceed with further development. Interesting case studies and examples. I can see how it fits my role.”

    Shaun Gazey - DHL

    Course: ITIL® Overview - 05/01/2017

  • “Mark is an excellent trainer. He really cares for his trainees. Good pace to the course [SDI Service Desk Manager], lots of encouragement to participate. [He] has a fantastic technique for explaining further by using real examples that can be understood and translated into my own work environment. Thank you, a real pleasure attending the course.”

    Claire Myers - United Utilities

    Course: Service Desk Institute - Managers - 12/12/2016

  • “There was a lot of content to cover in this course [SDI Service Desk Manager]. Mark was an excellent tutor who was friendly, personable and brought the course to life by using his own real life experiences. I found this to really help when taking information on board.”

    Joe Dickinson - Late Rooms

    Course: Service Desk Institute - Managers - 12/12/2016

  • “Experienced and knowledgable trainer. Engaging & good usage of real-world examples.”

    Dan Eve - Old Mutual plc

    Course: ITIL® Service Operation - 17/10/2016

  • “I really enjoyed [the Apollo 13] course. It was very interactive and I think it will help our IT team understand the benefits of ITIL processes.”

    Emma Beadles - Insolvency Service

    Course: Apollo 13 - 13/10/2016

  • “Wee presented. Great sibject Knowledge. Approachable Discussions. Happy to take questions.”

    Rob Thomas - Indolvency Service

    Course: Apollo 13 - 06/10/2016

  • “Just got my result for RCV and thought I’d send an extra thanks to yourselves and Andy – I had thought the penny potentially dropped with me by the time I did the exam, so I am well chuffed with the result! I’ll definitely think of you guys again for training. Thanks again! Niamh ”

    Niamh Owens - Euronext

    Course: ITIL® Release Control & Validation - 25/07/2016

  • “Well run course - succinct but informative. Made me feel welcome from reception and throughout the day. Course was interactive enough without the dreaded roleplay and scenario acting! Good use of Agile questionnaire - gives good feel / sensing to applying to 2real-world" i.e. back at the workplace.”

    Jonathan Howarth - Orchard Systems

    Course: AgilePM® Workshop - 01/07/2016

  • “John was very easy to listen to and his knowledge and experience in project management made it very easy to understand. His explanations were good and wil allow quick transfer of skills.”

    Sue Evans - Grant Thornton

    Course: AgilePM® Workshop - 01/07/2016

  • “I thought the training was excellent and very well presented. Stuart and Ian made a potentially very dry subject entertaining and enjoyable. Hopefully it has sunk in for the exam. THANK YOU!”

    Colin Willsea - Pennine Acute NHS Trust

    Course: ITIL® Foundation Certificate - 14/06/2016

  • “Very impressed with Stuart's training style. He made a very dry subject come alive.”

    Carol Rogers - Pennine Acute NHS Trust

    Course: ITIL® Foundation Certificate - 14/06/2016

  • “The facilities and materials are excellent and Stuart wasa brilliant trainer always putting things into real terms. Stuart explained really well and was very patient which I appreciated. For me to have gained the understanding I have means Stuart is a marvelous trainer.”

    Corrine Brierley - Rochdale MBC

    Course: ITIL® Foundation Certificate - 14/06/2016

  • “ Very much enjoyed the course and efforts by Stuart to make it fun and enjoyable.”

    Connor Watson -

    Course: ITIL® Foundation Certificate - 14/06/2016

  • “Stuart (our tutor) explained everything very well and clearly. I thought his experiences which he shared to explain different aspects of the course (examples of different processes etc that he has come across in his career) were both interesting and useful to help understanding. ”

    Kara Drummond - United Biscuits

    Course: ITIL® Foundation Certificate - 07/03/2016

  • “ Excellent trainer - great knowledge and ability to give examples. Very good pack [of course materials] all well explained. Very good course and trainer. Very good overview of all training material and excellent presentation. I would definitely recommend to use Sysop again.”

    Peter Schenck - United Biscuits

    Course: ITIL® Foundation Certificate - 07/03/2016