Courseware Licensing

Sysop are proud of the high quality of our in-house developed course materials.

Haven taken this journey, we understand the significant investment in time that is needed to develop a number of training courses to such a high standard. We also understand there are many aspiring training organisations who have the skills to deliver accredited courses but not the time or perhaps customer demand to justify such an investment in development.

A Courseware Licensing partnership is defined as a training organisation that enters into a commercial arrangement with Sysop to enable them to deliver accredited courses to their own clients using Sysop’s accredited course materials.

Courseware Licensing

We offer two types of Courseware Licensing partnership:


Under Affiliate terms the training organisation is effectively taking advantage of Sysop’s accredited status and therefore must comply with Sysop’s Quality Management System.


Under Co-Recognition terms the training organisation establishes independent accreditation with an Examination Institute of their own choosing and Sysop’s materials are used as a basis of the accreditation.

Interested in becoming a Courseware Licensing partner?

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Sysop are also open to Reseller arrangements where third party organisations book delegates from their clients onto our public scheduled courses or arrange for Sysop to deliver our courses on their clients’ premises. If this is of interest, Contact Us for more information.