The SYSOP Guarantees

Beware Pale Imitation

Sysop were the first ITIL® training organisation to offer a guarantee of examination success. We believed then, as we do now, that your time is too valuable to be expended on an unproductive training experience.

At Sysop we recognise that your key objective is to pass the examination with the greatest certainty, knowing that you will be cared for – individually.

We also recognise that you will want to gain valuable skills enabling you to translate the theory into practice back in your work-place - calling upon the experience of Sysop consultants for guidance and support.

It is easy for imitators to offer free-resits or free places on subsequent courses but this is scant compensation for the uncertainty and frustration of poor quality training.

We Ensure your Examination Success

SYSOP accredited training courses provide you with a significantly improved likelihood of achieving your qualification certificate at the first attempt.

No other organisation can match the excellent examination results achieved by students attending our best practice portfolio courses.

We ensure your examination success
Student sitting an exam - your course is guaranteed to run

Your Course will Run as Scheduled

Once you have booked on one of our Best Practice Portfolio training courses and received your confirmation of booking, we are confident your course will run.

We are not subject to the same financial pressures as those training organisations that rely on freelance trainers and expensive hotel conference facilities.

Our training is second to none.

  • We specialise in IT Best Practice training meaning we are focused on delivering training in this area of the highest quality. This is reflected in our exceptionally high exam pass rates – consistently around 10% better than the UK average.
  • We achieve this by producing and delivering a high-quality learning experience, in a purpose-built comfortable training centre, using in-house developed course material of the highest standard.
  • We qualify our Consultant/Lecturers and regularly monitor their delivery capability to ensure the high standards they set do not deteriorate.
  • All of our lecturers are industry qualified consultants in their own right who bring their experience of the real world into the classroom.
  • To ensure that they are proficient in classroom teaching and learning skills, they all attend the Institute of IT Trainers programme and hold the Institute’s trainer’s qualification.
  • As well as holding the over-arching prestigious ITIL Expert qualification, our lecturers will also have taken, and passed, the examination for the specific subject they will be teaching to you.

The Training itself

  • You will experience exam-style questions during your ITIL training course itself. Your tutor will provide constructive comments on individual answers, and there will be general feedback sessions where advice will be given on how each question should be approached, pointing out common misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • We will stress the need for private study outside of the classroom sessions. To help you plan your learning we will provide a set of specific activities which will provide a framework for your study. We recognise that reading the official publications, without guidance, can be a very daunting task indeed.
  • We will encourage you to answer further questions outside of the scheduled course time and submit them, to our trainers, for marking and comment.
  • We will make it clear that we are always available (other work permitting) for advice both during the course and in the revision period between the end of the course and the examination itself. We will also be available to discuss practical implementation issues with you as you put your new-found skills into practice.

The Unique Sysop Pick-up Programme

The vast majority of students who take Sysop training pass at the first attempt.

Should you be one of the unfortunate few who tripped at the examination hurdle, we will not abandon you! Whether you are undertaking PRINCE2® or ITIL®, we will discuss with you the most appropriate way we can help you achieve your qualification goal.

For the advanced courses we will provide additional support, by working with you identifying your weak areas, helping you address them, working through exam-style questions, and encouraging you to answer and submit them to us for marking and comment.

image of ITIL written on blackboard

If this reveals a particular subject weakness we may recommend that you re-sit all or part of the course. We will offer you this option free of charge. We appreciate your time is valuable and your goal is important.

All that we ask is that you contribute positively in the training sessions and complete any pre-course study and evening assignments that you will be set.

It is this after-course care that ensures that the Sysop overall success-rate is close to 100%.

ITIL Books

Protecting Your Investment

Accredited training (ITIL®, PRINCE2®, etc.) is a significant developmental investment and the associated qualifications are inherently valuable in the jobs market-place.

To protect our customers, Sysop offers Investment Protection as standard with all our training offerings.

Should any student leave your employment within 12 months of passing a particular examination, Sysop would provide training for a replacement member of staff on a public scheduled outing of the same course(s) for 50% of the advertised course price.