MoD Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)

Sysop are proud to be an Approved Learning Provider of the MoD's Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme helping to promote life-long learning for members of the Armed Forces.

All of our courses are available under the ELC scheme and are listed under the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS) portal.

Student on a laptop. Sysop are an Approved Learning Provider with the MoD's ELC scheme.

Sysop are an Approved Learning Provider with the MoD's ELC Scheme

What is the ELC Scheme?

The purpose of the ELC scheme is to help MoD Service Personnel in their career outside of the Armed Forces by part-funding training in the form of single upfront payments for up to three separate financial years.

The training must be delivered by Approved Learning Providers and the resulting qualification must be a nationally recognised qualification at Level three or above on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) (England and Wales), a Level six or above on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) or, if pursued overseas, an approved international equivalent qualification.

What is ELCAS?

ELCAS stands for Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services and is the service provided to manage the ELC scheme.

It is through the ELCAS portal that Approved Learning Providers can list those courses that qualify under the ELC scheme and also where members of the Armed Forces can identify and request training courses and the associated funding.

How do I use the Scheme?

How to use your credits to book onto one of our courses

To book onto one of our courses you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ELCAS website and use the search facility to find Sysop's courses and prices.
  2. Contact Sysop at or 01706 361110 and mention you would like to utilise the MoD ELC scheme to part-fund one of our courses.
  3. We will discuss available dates, make a provisional booking and provide a formal quotation via email to be used as part of the ELC Claim Form submission.
  4. The Claim Form can then be submitted to Education staff/SSR for authorisation.
  5. The Education staff/SSR should then sign and post the Claim Form to ELCAS for processing or process the Claim Form directly via the online system.
  6. ELCAS will assess and, if approved, provide a Claim Authorisation Notice which can be provided to Sysop along with the 20% personnel contribution in order for the place to be confirmed.

Ready to use your credits on a Sysop course?

For any questions regarding any part of the ELCAS process then please contact us on either or 01706 361110.