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ITIL 2011 Foundation Course Now Available

04 October 2011

Those of you familiar with Sysop classroom-based ITIL training courses will recognise the friendly voice of John Allder. His soft Accrington accent lends credibility and interest to, what may otherwise be, a rather dry and dusty subject.

John has designed and created this ITIL e-learning Foundation course from start to finish and included the very latest 2011 updates. He uses the same material as he would in the classroom but with a comfortable and intimate delivery style so suited to the e-learning medium.

At less than £200 this course represents incredible value.

You can find out more and even book your ITIL e-learning Foundation course by following this link: No credit card needed, we will invoice.

If you'd like to try a FREE taster, then click here to order the Introduction module and we will send you the activation key